Valentine's Day Doughnuts limited edition 2020

Krispy Kreme

Kripsy Kreme logo


Build interest in a limited edition range of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with an emotive campaign that catches the heart and the eye.


What is the sweetest way to propose? Krispy Kreme found the answer when they launched a limited edition, heart-shaped doughnut for Valentine's day.

Krispy Kreme, with a little help from Synapse Original, has been changing the way we look at their doughnuts. By giving their sweet range of doughnuts some personality, thanks to a cute visual motif, we’ve brought the brand to life and turned the popular concept of snacking upside down.

To celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day, Synapse Original crafted a special 'Secret Cupid' campaign to help 20 customers surprise their loved ones with a free box of heart-shaped doughnuts, together with roses and a postcard to complete the gift set.