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Synapse Original is a 360° communication agency established in Paris in 2011 by Marc Rollet, Thibault Verdier and Neal Robert. Driven by the will of developing its activities, the agency set up its first international office in Yangon in 2013 in order to be at the front of the economic Revolution pending in all southeast Asia.

Today, the agency focuses its activities on digital development, graphic design and marketing with specialized services.

Our philosophy is to create links between Paris and Yangon, between our complimentary team, between you and us in order to create a link between your brands and your clients. Our strength lies in the alliance between the French savoir-faire and the experience of our Myanmar team. Therefore, we can approach the culture and the tastes of the local consumers better while bringing new perspectives through our work.

We belong to a new generation, we promote new ideas, which could benefit to your projects in a country where 50% of the population is under 25. We have integrated the new codes of communication, in particular through new technologies and the internet 2.0. We build relations based on confidence and trust with our clients in order to help them to enhance their image or the marketing of their products on a long term period.

Thanks to the human size of our team, they can count on our understanding, our flexibility, reactivity and energy to support them everyday.


10, rue de Phalsbourg
75017 Paris

+33 6 08 74 66 18


102, Thitsar road,
Yankin Township, 11081 Yangon

+959 950 808 968