“Stop dreaming, just do it!” — SO

Introduction — Job Offers

Synapse Original is first of all a friendship story between three friends who decided to join their forces to create one of the most dynamic advertising agency on the market in Myanmar. This friendship and the goodwill that it coming with it are the sap of the agency which irrigates all our teams and create a working environment that gives a chance to everyone to develop, build and enrich themselves through their experience with us. This is why we would like to attract talents who can encourage our clients to reinvent and transform themselves.

Join us now to contribute to be part of this journey!

Cool Privileges — Job Offers

We developed a series of Cool Privileges to reward each team member and adopt the best standards to place human at the heart of our action.

Competitive Package

Annual bonus

Remote work

Global Working Environment

Good Facilities

Premium Friday

Corporate Activities

Individual Career Plan

Training Program

Medical Check-up

Flexible Management

Team Spirit

Life Insurance

Environment Program

Our Values — Job Offers


There is creativity in everything we do. Creativity means always considering new ways of doing things. From taking the initiative on new projects to redefining the standard in which we execute simple everyday tasks. Let’s make connections between projects and between people, let’s find simple solutions to complex problems, let's challenge every request from our clients, partners and suppliers.

We create. We don’t just think, we think differently, and then we make things happen. This is the two-step process for achieving any objective in a meaningful way. This is not easy, this is the challenge we face everyday and that is the reason why we need to be passionate about not just what we do but how we do it.


Finding work of real quality means searching for perfection. No matter the responsibilities you have, there is always a way to make your work shine and surpass the ordinary. Going the extra mile means recognizing that the devil is in the detail. At Synapse Original we go beyond expectations - past the point where others usually quit.

Quality is what strengthens the relationship between you and a partner, be they talent, a supplier or a client. It requires our full attention, our time and our curiosity, as we aspire to be more than what is expected of us. Delivering the highest quality of work should be a source of pride for everyone within our company.


Respect. At Synapse Original it means thinking about the well-being of others and working towards a better working environment for all. To remain united in our mission we must first be able to share a civil and productive discourse. To foster a sense of respect and collective well-being requires honesty and a professionalism that conveys a shared sense of responsibility and purpose. To achieve a state of unity requires everyone make their own daily contribution to the working environment, by adopting a smile, and by keeping a positive and proactive attitude.

No matter the positions we hold, we are all human and we want to see kindness as a core tenet in our professional relationships. Working with compassion is possible if we all adopt a respectful, solidarity and inclusive attitude. We share love. This is not a hippie idiom, this is what is required to develop a healthy environment where every team member feels safe and welcome. This is the way we can help each other. It’s not always easy but it is important we all try our best to care for our Synapse Original family.


Forever young. No matter your age, your education or your life choices, youth is a mindset. For us, this mindset combines three key ingredients: a thirst for life, the fighting spirit and optimism. Let us constantly see the glass half full, our heads always looking up at the stars, because we believe everything is possible. This way of thinking gives us the strength to achieve what others would never dream of. This mindset requires self-belief and resilience, and once we share that, we become invincible.


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