Covid-19 Pandemic

— Written by Synapse Original

March 31, 2020

Almost overnight, remote work has become the norm. Even in a country like Myanmar where the first official cases were only announced in the latter half of March, companies and institutions had already taken radical steps to protect their staff and communities. To date, government-enforced closures have only hit a small number of commercial enterprises but more and more international companies are applying home office rules. A new reality of remote business has begun.

At Synapse Original, home office has completely changed the manner in which we work: the communication norms, the flow of ideas and creativity, the pitching procedures and even contract negotiation. Everything has changed.

Indeed, the whole nature of marketing, in a time of such business upheaval, is changing as a response to a business market in a state of flux. Commerce is rapidly shifting online; both consumers and business leaders switch to short term decisions and - from a societal perspective - the public mood is shifting.

Yet, as a leading creative agency in Myanmar, we believe that now, during this unprecedented period of social and economic turmoil, there is a vital need and a unique opportunity for brands to stand out, to demonstrate their commitment to their consumer and wider society. From encouraging a more positive mental mindset to advocating for more socially responsible behaviour, brands around the world have a chance to take a stand now. Not to profit from the chaos but to solve real-world problems. By providing their consumers with tangible solutions and empowering them in these difficult times, brands will be recognised for their endeavours, if not today then in the long term.

For agencies to continue doing their job it is necessary now to keep adapting to the new realities (on both organizational and creative levels) and honing their role in anticipating, advising and executing. At Synapse Original, we believe a proactive approach always trumps a reactive one and with coronavirus we've proved it: generating ideas that respond to a variety of real world outcomes, initializing production plans that can adapt to reflect the situation on the ground, and providing our clients with a strategy and message that chimes with the feeling of the moment. Even though we don’t know what the future holds, our team stay committed to providing necessary guidance and hands-on support to all our clients and partners.

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