Say Goodbye to sleeves



In the beginning of 2020, NIVEA expanded its Extra Whitening deodorants for women by launching a new floral range. In Q3 2020, Synapse Original partnered with NIVEA again, with the objective of continuing the conversation started earlier this year.


The NIVEA Whitening range empowers women by providing unique whitening properties and long-lasting fragrance, so we created a TikTok-inspired campaign featuring several well-known female KOLs. We asked the KOLs to “Say goodbye to sleeves” and show off the confidence and true beauty of their underarms! We challenged them to compete against each other by creating a series of videos that demonstrated how to turn a boring old t-shirt into a cute and fun sleeveless top. Their fans had the opportunity to engage with the brand and vote for their favourite sleeveless styles on the NIVEA Facebook page. Selected winners also received special NIVEA Extra Whitening gift packs.






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