Synapse Original's Major Milestones

— Written by Chris Swindells

October 05, 2020

Some people measure their formative years in notches against the wall, others in shoe sizes or hand prints. Synapse Original, however, has been looking back through the family album and counting our years in agency milestones. We started, with all three of our founders, as a team of just five in 2013. Fast forward to 2020 and we now number 80 people. That's a team spread across multiple departments and specialities, hailing from three distinct continents and representing 10 nationalities. We've worked with nearly 100 clients in our seven years - Myanmar and international brands of all sizes - to create work that's touched millions of people's lives. We've redesigned what it means to be a 360 agency in Myanmar by encouraging creativity and participation from every level and every department of the business, including all four of our sister companies: LOKA, Peach, Copperbrains, Myanpwel.

1 | Team members evolution

*2020 is an estimation

2 | Clients evolution per year

First client: Zen Garden

Last client: Yoma Bank & Prudential Insurance

3 | Nationalities evolution

4 | Sisters companies evolution

Myanpwel was launched in 2015, LOKA in 2017, Copperbrains and Peach in 2019. In total, NTM Group is composed of 5 entities up to date.

5 | Specific key figures

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