The business of Birthdays

— Written by Chris Swindells

October 05, 2020

In the year Synapse Original turns seven, we've been thinking a lot about birthday parties. Myanmar doesn't have a culture of celebrating an individual's birthday but we know for many young people across the country this culture is changing. And we're happy to be a part of that change - the cakes are on us!

Birthdays in Myanmar were traditionally a time for individuals to visit pagodas, offer up donations, and treat friends and family as opposed to being treated.

But today the birthday offers potential for individuals in Myanmar to not only give a gift but to receive one too. Being a business who treats your audience and customers on occasions like this can create a deeper, more meaningful relationship, rewarding loyalty and personalizing the user experience. From one-off discount vouchers to special messages or digital rewards, the more generous you can be as a brand, the more your action will be recognised and rewarded in the long term.

Birthdays are not just for people, however. Sometimes brands - and biscuits - can celebrate too. Take the much beloved Oreo. The brand created a twisted campaign idea for its 100th birthday to reconnect fans to “moments of childlike wonder" which managed to connect with 40 million consumers around the world, creating the #OreoMoment which became an international trending topic.

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