Things to have in mind while choosing an influencer to work with

— Written by Ola Sawicka

May 07, 2020

The global pandemic has not only cancelled events but much of life as we know it. Many companies are rethinking their marketing mix to prioritise digital, which makes leveraging on the fame of influencers a more compelling strategy to help your brand's message stand out in these testing times. However, Myanmar's influencer market is so diverse and saturated that finding the right fit is not as easy as it might sound. Moreover, the looming economic crisis makes every advertising dollar count so only well-thought-out, level-headed investments are going to bring sufficient return, essential in ensuring a brand's prosperity.

Expanding upon our last article, where we guided you through the landscape of Myanmar's celebrities and influencers, here we've listed our five key criteria to consider when choosing the influencers to promote your brand and meet your campaign objectives.


Understanding your budget is crucial to help you identify the tier of influencer you're looking at. If money is not an issue, you might opt for a longer-term ambassadorship or alliance with one of Myanmar's many mega influencers. If you're on a smaller budget, you can opt for spreading the cost between multiple nano or micro-influencers. Remember, no budget is also a budget - you just need to run the extra mile in creative thinking to make the project interesting enough to offer value to the influencer in question. Once you are already set on what you want to achieve and your resources, there are a few more things we suggest you keep in mind.

Similar Values

Your brand may forever be associated with your influencer - and vice versa. Therefore the values of your brand should reflect in your decision-making, we typically recommend an influencer who portrays similar characteristics as your target customer. The influencer should be someone your target audience can both relate and aspire to.


Engagement indicates how active the influencer's audience is with their platform and content. The amount of reactions, comments, and shares the influencer's posts gets indicate how meaningful and active the relationship between the influencer and their audience is. If you want to just increase awareness of your product or service, you need a great reach channel, so opt for celebrities well known from mass media like TV or film. If your objective is to ensure that a detailed message is thoroughly explained and expect that customers will have questions in response, you should rather go for someone who has a high level of engagement and will answer all of the comments.


It is crucial for brands to work with influencers who have a corresponding audience or audience you want to expand towards. You can analyze the influencer's audience data through features available on the influencer's marketing platforms. This data can indicate features such as target location, age, and gender. It is important that the influencer has the right audience for your brand to reach potential consumers.


The number of times an influencer posts has an impact on the traffic on their page. Analyze the influencer's post. How often do they post? How often do they post sponsored content? How often do they post authentic content? The answers to these questions can help you determine the authenticity, credibility, and consistency of the influencer.

We hope this article has provided some useful insights and you feel more familiar with the opportunities influencers could provide for your brand. If you have already worked with influencers in Myanmar, please share your experience with us. If you are looking for starting influencers marketing, feel free to drop us a line! We are more than welcome to help you match the best influencer with your objectives and budget.

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