How we won in the Myanmar Employer Awards like never before

— Written by Marc Rollet

January 19, 2021

The Myanmar Employer Awards (MEA) is a competition that is happening every year to promote advances and excellence across HR and human capital management. Each year, the organisation along with its esteemed panel of judges looks forward assessing the health and development of the HR industry in Myanmar. This year and for the fourth edition of the competition, a mixed panned of 24 local and international HR leaders as judges with extensive experience across varying industries and countries.

At Synapse Original, the values of excellence advocated by the MEAs are perfectly matching with those we have been developing since our day one, that is why we are participating to this prestigious event every year. In this very unique year in the world's history, we were particularly keen to participate making our actions being evaluated by our peers. The results live up to our expectations since we won the highest distinctions in the two categories we applied.

We won the golden award in the category "Best Use of Internal Marketing for Company Pride" that is awarding our efforts and our work to develop and cultivate a strong sense of belonging in the team. This includes the regular sharing of transparent information with newsletters, internal memos or internal conferences. The implication of each team member to our internal initiatives has also been considered by the panel of judges. The satisfaction, retention and recruitments rates - that are all very good, have also been certified during the Best Company to Work in Myanmar 2020 campaign that happened last summer.

We also won the golden award in the category "SME of the Year" that is one of the most prestigious. To win, each company needed to demonstrate its use of a well-rounded HR strategy, activities and policies to support talent attraction, retention, talent management, career advancement and overall the increase of the rate of employee satisfaction through its corporate culture and working environment.

These results were achieved through constant and intense work throughout the year. They strengthen our strategy which is to place people at the heart of our development policies and encourages us to do even better in 2021 and for the years to come.

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