Lockdown shouldn't mean locked in - Report Domestic Violence

Mojo x Synapse Original


Synapse Original doesn’t wait for briefs. We brief our brands. And this is how we came to propose a social media campaign to address domestic violence with our partner DKT through their popular condom brand MOJO.

We understand the power of acting in coordination with others so to mark The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25th we came with a plan for our partners.

We scheduled our campaign activity to amplify the profile of an issue tragically overlooked by society at large.

Our client immediately saw the value in our proposal and approved the idea, knowing it could help them address the topic with their predominantly male audience in a way that supported the values of DKT International.


Knowing that we needed to give a voice to a voiceless generation of women, we understood the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. So we developed an augmented reality filter for Facebook which allowed users to colour a picture of their face in the bruises of abuse – taking this issue out of the shadows and into the collective consciousness.

We called on our audience, partners and influencers to use our Facebook AR photo filter and post a picture in solidarity with those suffering, to help us raise awareness of this issue. The results were overwhelming and with a limited budget of just $200 we surpassed our KPI objectives to play our small part in putting this issue on the map.


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