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Onepay established itself as an innovator in the digital payment landscape by becoming the first in Myanmar to offer their digital wallet customers an interbank feature; providing users the ability to seamlessly top-up and transfer money between the country's leading banks for the very first time. The challenge was to communicate this new feature to the masses of banked users in the urban centres of Myanmar who would chiefly benefit from its added convenience and money-saving perks.


Building on the success of our first digital commercial with Onepay, the follow-up demonstrated the convenience of the new Interbank feature in a witty 'day-in-the-life' scenario that was both fun and engaging to watch, driving brand and product awareness. Angry landlords, demanding girlfriends and pushy mothers all got the Onepay treatment as our video's protagonist made his way across town brandishing nothing but his phone and Onepay app for protection. Building on the effectiveness of our first creative video for Onepay, we hope to see this as another in a series of creative works between Synapse Original and the most innovative e-money platform in the country.


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