Bawdar x Port Autonomy



Newcomer to the Myanmar beer market, Bawdar is proudly about time better spent with friends. And in tribute to this, the Heineken-backed brand challenged Synapse Original to create a unique interior branding experience just for mates - Bawdar in Burmese - in one of Yangon’s hottest nightspots, Port Autonomy.


We realized that bar branding in Myanmar was too often two dimensional; uninspired and perfunctory. It rarely added to the space or the experience. Knowing that Bawdar was about unforgettable moments of companionship, we designed and built a set of complementary interior features that created customized touch points between the brand and buddies on their unforgettable night out.

We decided to honour the rustic décor and vintage furnishings of Port Autonomy with branded items that symbolize the city’s iconic history as one of the world’s busiest global ports. But the work was not all about style. Key fittings included a Bawdar beer pong table, backgammon board and branded playing cards: the kind of games that make champions of friends and write the legends that make the nights legendary. That’s Bawdar Time.

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