Stay Home Kiss

Kiss Myanmar


To give love making a refreshing twist in the pandemic and stay cheeky, fun and true to the KISS brand image.


We found the perfect brand ally for the message "Stay Home, Stay Safe". If condoms are all about protection then the Covid-19 pandemic offered KISS the perfect opportunity to offer extra protection and turn a few heads along the way! We knew Covid-19 was creating high anxiety and low libido in our young male audience - being fun was the tonic to cut through.

Our playful approach in the "Stay Home" campaign came from Synapse's attitude when it came creativity. When we saw Kiss and everyday objects, we felt emboldened to imagine wild scenarios. These scenarios were featured across a series of 6 unique videos, each portraying a bold and peculiar vision of the brand and product that could lighten the mood in the bedroom and put sex - a forbidden topic in the country - back on the proverbial menu.

The "Stay Home" campaign is one of the many examples of collective creative effort from within the Synapse team. A demonstration of our capacity to turn any crisis into an opportunity.








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