Discover a piece of Japan in the ATTIC

Japan Tabacco International


To brand the smoking room of a popular downtown Yangon bar with a vision and experience that reflects the identity and values of Japan’s best known cigarette brand.


Sometimes the best experiences happen in the places where you least expect them. MEVIUS bought into this concept and challenged Synapse Original to conceptualize and create a unique experiential smoking space at ATTIC Bar in downtown Yangon. Staying true to the brand’s Japanese routes and technological knowledge, we delivered a neon lit experience that instantly transports you on a journey through the bustling heart of Tokyo and the tranquil landscape of Mt Fuji.

Bringing these rich vistas to life, our events team worked with designers and suppliers from different corners of Asia to develop the cutting edge technology required to surprise and enrich the senses on a night out at ATTIC Bar.

Popular with young, trendy Yangonites, ATTIC Bar was the perfect location to build such a progressive installation and we can’t wait to see the response from customers. See you in Japan!

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