A Valentine’s Day story as told by Sai Sai



To leverage the power of GrabFood ambassador and nationwide heartthrob Sai Sai to promote a special selection of Valentine’s Day dishes, only available through the app.


One of the most moving stories this Valentine’s Day came when Synapse Original recruited Sai Sai to help unite a couple in a long distance relationship. The video of the surprise reunion, staring Myanmar’s no.1 celebrity, received more than 1 million views in just a few days – another record delivery from GrabFood.

The video became a focal point of our wider Valentine’s Day campaign, fronted by Sai Sai, and using multiple digital touchpoints, including in-app notifications, to increase interest in GrabFood’s limited edition Valentine’s Day food promo.

The campaign also embraced new technology with an animated advert running on the LED billboard at Junction City, viewed by hundreds of thousands of Yangonites over the most romantic period of the year.



1.5 Millions

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